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I am attorney Jeremiah Giles of Summerdale, Alabama. I was born and raised in Summerdale, Alabama, and have resided in Baldwin County my entire life. Since graduating law school in 2006, I have worked as both a prosecutor and defense attorney in criminal cases here in Baldwin County, including trial work. My clients include both local long-time residents and visiting tourists from around the world who have been caught up with the law.

With Jeremiah Shane Giles Attorney at Law, LLC, on your case, you can be sure you have a dedicated and experienced attorney who will represent you from start to finish.

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My practice focuses particularly in criminal defense cases of all kinds. I strongly believe in everyone’s right to representation by a lawyer regardless of how minor or severe the charges. I dedicate myself to helping clients through everything that happens when you are accused of crime. Whether you have been accused of a traffic violation, drug charges, domestic violence or homicide, I am ready to help you.

My defense strategy is aggressive. I consider myself a trial lawyer and have successfully gone to trial many times in my 10-plus years of practice. I am not afraid to take your case to court if it is truly in your best interest. Each client deserves the defense that gives them the best chance for success, and I am ready to provide that.

I am also available to help in the practice areas of personal injury as well as estate planning, including wills and probate.

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Especially in criminal defense and personal injury, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. You do not want to compromise your case by not consulting a professional first. Contact me at Jeremiah Shane Giles Attorney at Law, LLC, by calling 251-270-2794 or sending an email. I offer free initial consultations.

I serve clients (both residents and tourists) throughout Baldwin County.

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